Peek below the surface

We are a design and development firm highly skilled in both disciplines. That alone makes us unique. We provide design, illustration, web and application development, interactive media, mobile response, and hosting services. We stay tuned to design trends and new technologies so that we can offer our clients the best of both worlds. 

We create. We collaborate. We get results. 


A Creative Environment

We all come from creative backgrounds, from environments brimming with skilled artisans, so we get the importance of having a strong design foundation when it comes to the successful execution of ideas. Especially true when integrating custom design with advancing technologies.


Ideas that are limitless

We create in the studio, but the world is our inspiration. Whether we're hiking through the Itasca State Forest or trekking through a Scandinavian city, we're always stoking the fires of our imaginations. Ideas are the lifeblood of our work. They await discovery. They are essential. They are limitless.  

Strong project management

We manage jobs with the type of precision that comes from years of experience. Our workflow is smooth and steady and we always aim to keep projects on time and on budget. 

Well connected & always online

We are experts at working remotely. Not only does it provide the Adventure crew and our clients with tremendous flexibility, it keeps us well connected throughout the life of a project.


People are always curious about how we came up with our logo and, like most design projects, there's always a backstory. Ours began on a peaceful summer day as we canoed on a Northern Minnesota lake — an activity we have enjoyed since childhood.

Our logo is symbolic of the creative journey. It represents our explorer spirit and reminds us that there  is always more to discover.

We had already decided to call our company “Adventure Studios,” but we had not yet worked out the logo design.


As we glided across the still water that afternoon, it came to us. In fact, it was right there in front of us. Actually, it was right under us — a canoe and a paddle!  

It's the classic meme of an adventurous spirit, like the explorers who set off to discover the unmapped waterways of the Americas.

In our own small way we were like explorers, not seeking to claim the discovery of land or water, but rather, to survey a bold new world — the land of technology and digital design.  

Our logo is symbolic of the creative journey. It represents our explorer spirit and reminds us that there is always more to discover.