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Marketing & Communications Product

The Marketing ToolKit is popular with companies, agencies and printers that support multiple sales teams, locations and/or vendors.

ToolKit installations provide the owner (company, agency or printer) complete control over the marketing cycle and pricing leaves room for owners to apply their own pricing. Many agencies have found ToolKit creates design & production opportunities by consolidating materials from many vendors to a single distribution method that allows them to easily communicate with the end user as they login to the system. The builtin e-newsletter has become
the most efficient way to release new marketing information to the
ToolKit audience.

ToolKit Provides a highly effective, centralized solution for the online management of digital assets for projects that involve multiple audiences. Administrators can pre-sort project-related materials into specified groups which can then be selected, combined and delivered as branded, print-ready PDFs. Provides brand continuity and conveys a high level of professionalism. 

Streamlines communications and avoids the reality of being “all over the place” in terms of the online management of materials and communications. Quick access to the current materials is absolutely essential with large-scale projects. The knowledge that all team members are working from the most current version not only saves time, but it can avoid costly errors. 

In addition, materials can be quickly repurposed for the creation and delivery of press releases, news stories, newsletters, and for publication to other websites. 

For large-scale, complex projects that have extensive timelines (1-2 years+), Marketing Toolkit  has proven extremely effective and (in our experience with clients) has been a better solution than applications like Dropbox or Basecamp, etc… that work better for short-term projects.

Marketing Toolkit can be also be customized to meet the specific needs of a project
and reflect its unique brand resulting in a more cohesive presentation and consistent
user experience.

Key Features of Content Management  

  • All content is stored/archive at one location 

  • Managed content is accessible only by designated users/administrators

  • Designated users/administrators can upload, create, update, and delete content via any computer web browser 24/7

  • Create, organize and store customized PDFs for individual user groups or users to view, and/or download at any time throughout the life of a project

  • Future expansion of the management center, if required, can be done quickly without extensive planning or site construction

Add-on Applications that integrate with Marketing Toolkit

ToolKit Collateral Creator

A time-saving feature within Marketing Toolkit that allows for the creation of customized collateral, on the fly, to support marketing efforts, grow brand awareness, and effectively manage digital and print communications. Users can quickly assemble selected print-ready collateral for quick distribution to print vendors or other selected audiences.

ToolKit Direct Mail Creator

A time-saving tool that allows for the creation of custom postcards, flyers & Ads, on the fly, to support marketing efforts and grow brand awareness.

Sales, Distribution, Booklet PDF Assembler

An organizational power tool that takes the management and distribution of complex product and project information to a higher level. It provides a browser-based information hub where designated users can easily manage and assemble marketing materials, technical documentations, and other types of materials required to support large-scale projects and product life cycles. Users can quickly assemble select materials into professional, print-ready PDF booklets and quickly distribute to selected audiences.

ToolKit Newsletter

A hosted email newsletter solution that runs from within your website and does not require you to know any HTML!  It’s totally customizable, which is an absolute necessity for brand consistency, and it supports multiple newsletters simultaneously, for organizations who need that type of service. But the best news of all - your newsletter can be produced quickly and efficiently. No sweat. Emailinator tracks your newsletter progress in realtime and generates detailed reports that can also be customized and used in presentations.

ToolKit Contact Sheet Library

Photo and streaming video storage is a great addition to your ToolKit. 

Features visual image catalogs, image sharing, image hosting, and indexing of streaming video locations all in one platform. ToolKit team members can quickly upload photos, video embeds and related materials to share with the entire ToolKit team. The photo uploader quickly converts entire .zip file of your photo shoot into an easily viewed and printed contact sheet of image thumbnails. Yes, you read that correctly… upload one file and the system unpacks the images. Notification of new additions can easily be sent to all ToolKit users.

We do offer a discounted pre-upload of your images to save time. Send us your hard drive, usb or Dropbox account and we can upload for you!

ToolKit Project Storage

File storage for large long-term project files.

Many storage systems are lacking the basic way of storing design project files. Project Storage solves the “were DO we put those files” or better yet “where DID we put those files”. ToolKit team members can create profiles for projects that need to be retrieved/reused/reprinted repeatedly throughout the year.  Project Storage uses a method of creating the “Project Profile” that contains important information on the who, what, why, where and notes for the next time files are used. The project files can be required to be "checked out” so administrator’s can see a report of users that have pulled the files.

We do offer a discounted pre-upload of your project files to save time. Send us your hard drive, usb or Dropbox account and we can upload for you!

ToolKit Quick Question

This web inflow and email based features gives you the ability to publish a Quick Question Form in multiple locations and have the submitted questions sent directly to the Experts within the organization to respond. The information and be publish your own online FAQ newsletter/magazine and deliver it to your internal audience with the ToolKit’s builtin newsletter. You can create multiple articles for question categories and control the content that will display. You manage the information and use it to best meet your goals.