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New Site Launch: USA Northeast Annual Report

A mobile responsive website design that is smart and modern. Visit site:

A mobile responsive website design that is smart and modern. Visit site:

Download Case Study

Download Case Study

In the Fall of 2015 we received a call from the New York City office of communications for the Northeast Jesuit Province. Having done extensive work for the organization (we developed and designed a global multi-site platform for they knew we had an in-depth understanding of their brand and audience, and that we could help them resolve a brand-related communications question. 

They were debating whether to transition their annual report from a print to a digital publication. The traditionalists felt that a printed report was still important to their older donor base, but the thirty-something director of communications believed it was time to modernize to appeal to a young-to-middle-age constituency. Settling the debate would require a product that could meet the needs of both groups to make for a smooth transition.

The website had to reflect the established brand identity. Its content had to be image driven and personal. Its navigation had to be clean and straightforward, and it had to provide a more interactive experience than the printed report. It also needed to support email campaigns, handle and process donor registrations from within the site, and its design had to be 100% mobile responsive.

The website for the 2014-15 annual report,, was constructed using the developer version of Squarespace. We started with a Squarespace template and applied custom code throughout the site to meet the following requirements:

• Mobile desponsive design
• Beautiful, print-ready downloads of the annual report
• Provide metrics to obtain accurate audience response to email campaigns and donor appeals
• Provide secure registration area for visitors requesting proprietary donor information
• Able to be easily updated and repurposed for other campaigns and future annual reports
• Cost-effective to maintain and host

Adventure Launches New Website

This past summer we made the decision to remake the Adventure website. Not only was it time for a refresh, but we were ready to make a change. The first question we asked ourselves: What platform should we build it in? You would think the answer would be obvious. After all, we were software developers experienced with multiple platforms.

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