Jesse Varpness

Developer and Designer


Jesse began as an intern and joined Adventure after graduating from college. He is a quick study and well on his way to a successful career!  Jesse loves to code and that is one thing, among many, that we really appreciate about him. He likes to be challenged and, like our co-founder, Brian, genuinely enjoys a good code mystery. Together they make a formidable team of dedicated, digital detectives: Holmes and Watson at your service.  

Jesse is an outdoor-kind-of guy who could pretty much live in a tent as long as he had a decent wi-fi connection and a cooler stocked with a wide selection of his favorite craft beers. He likes to ski fast, hike through the woods, canoe, fish and plays a mean game of frolf (frisbee-golf). And when he's not out exploring the great Northwoods, you'll likely find him at the potter's wheel or in the print studio working on his latest designs. 

Jesse holds a BS in Design Technology from Bemidji State University in Minnesota.

My Favorite Tools

• iPad Mini 
• iPhone 5s
• Apple Macbook Pro 13"
• Prismacolor Turquoise
• Micron Markers
• Topo Designs Daypack

• Adobe CC Illustrator/Indesign/Photoshop
• Adobe CC Dreamweaver
• Navicat
• Safari
• TextEdit
• Yashica A

My inspiration