Jack Scholl

The Apprentice "Designer in Training"


Jack is the founders' son (lucky kid) and he's been hanging out in the studio since before he could walk. He currently does video editing for us a couple of hours a week.  

After four years in a traditional school Jack asked (okay, he begged) to be homeschooled. Exposure to the fast-paced world of design and technology made "regular" school, according to Jack, "totally boring."  Fortunately the founders (AKA "Mom and Dad") agreed and enrolled him in online school giving him time to explore many interests. This year he returned to "regular" school for 8th grade and then it's on to high school. Now that he's a full-blown teen he doesn't want to "miss" anything (we don't think he's talking about academic endeavors).

Jack provides invaluable first-generation-tech-kid insight to Adventure's creative process. We believe that kids like Jack will impact the future of design and technology in ways that we have yet to imagine. 

Jack would also like to add that he works from a Hamilton Stratasteel dial-a-torque drafting table just like his dad. 


My Favorite Tools

• Mac Book Air 14"
• Digital Storm Gaming Desktop PC
• PS2, PS3, PS4  
• XBox 360, XBox One, Genesis, SNES
• Blue Nessie Microphone
• HammerMill Bright White Paper


• Adobe CC Illustrator/Photoshop/Premiere/Audition
• Maya, Blender
• Final Cut Pro/QuickTime/iStopMotion
• Lamy Scribble Pencil
• Sharpie!
• 2b pencil

My inspiration

"Video games are bad for you?
That's what they said about rock-n-roll."

Shigeru Miyamoto


My lookbook contains examples of my drawings